Interested in joining BEAVERS, CUBS, SCOUTS or VENTURES.... 

Registration for the 2022/2023 scouting year will be announced once confirmed!!

26th Scouting Group Sections meet in the school gym at Kortright Hills Public School on the below dates. 

Beavers ages   5-7 meet Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm
Cubs ages   8-10 meet Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 pm
Scouts ages 11-14 meet Tuesdays 7:00-8:45 pm
Ventures ages 14-17 meets Mondays 7:00-9:00 pm

Click here to email 26th Scout Group Commissioner

KHNG Cobs Bread Program

KHNG is pleased to offer “Cobs Bread Program”.

Feel free to pick up items for your family or a family you know in need.

Some items that may be available are loaves of bread, pizza, croissants, pastries (when available).

Cobs end of day giving program, bakeries connect with community by helping every left over item at the end

of the day find a home.  It makes Cobs a real part of the community and helps reduce food waste.

Cobs items will be picked up each month on different days and delivered to the 

KHNG Community Room 23 Ptarmigan Dr. 

(entrance is last door on right off of 
north parking lot) to be sorted & bagged.

If you would like to volunteer to bag and distribute Cobs products please 


Location: KHPS 23 Ptarmigan Dr.

Community Room (side entrance off of north parking lot of school, last door on right)


November Cobs Bread Dates:
November 27 - 8pm to 9pm

December Cobs Bread Dates:
December 4 - 8pm to 9pm

January 2023 Cobs Bread Dates:
January 22 - 8pm to 9pm
January 29 - 8pm to 9pm

Than Thank You Vanessa 
Duszczyszyn For Sponsoring 
The Cobs Bread Program at KHNG

Want to volunteer for the Cobs Bread Program at KHNG, please sign up using the link below:
Click here to volunteer for the cobs bread program

KHNG Children's Reading Room Kiosk

KHNG introduces a
FREE program in the community room the 2nd & 4th Thursday each month
to promote literacy.

We are a kiosk location for the 
Children’s Reading Room

Each time you visit the KHNG Children’s Reading Room Kiosk, your child(ren) will go home with
a FREE children's book!

It's theirs to keep, read, love, and cherish, no need to return 
their book. Families are welcome to come,
browse our book 
selection, read to your child(ren). Then each child can select up to 2 books which
interest them to take home to their 
own library. All books have been approved and donated by the CRR.
New sections of books will be offered, once our 
current selection is low. So return as often as you like.

Reading is the gateway skill to so much knowledge. Research 
indicates that children who have
their own personal libraries 
at home, which are truly their own, enjoy books, read earlier, 
read more often, are more likely to pursue post-secondary education and continue to read
throughout their life.

Children’s Reading Room 
Address: 210 Silvercreek Pkwy N Guelph, ON, Canada N1H 7P8 

Upcoming CRR Dates to attend at the KHNG Community Room:
November 24th - Circle Time with Joanna from CRR
December 8th - Come look/pick a book for your library
December 22nd - Circle Time with Joanna from CRR
Mark your calendars to attend

Contact Us


Please send your comments, questions, or suggestions to or call 519-993-5264

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